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Airport Security Services

Sion Solution provides whole airport security:
1. Consulting;
2. Security Planning;
3. Maintenance of airport safety system.

Developpment of planning documents for airport security – SION specialists in airport security, prepare all documents stipulated in the Community rules in PNSA and P.N.P.S.A.

Background check
 – any person who is to be hired in the airport company, who undergoes his activity in aerial operations areas. On request, we can manage loyalty tests developed by Israeli experts .

Managing access control permissions – manage the release, revocation, or cancellation of access cards and monitor how they are used by staff operating at the airport.

Controlling access to secure areas – providing trained personnel, at least the AVSEC level. Security check- point that can apply access control procedures for people and cars in areas with restricted access.

Control and security check – Sion Solution agents are specially trained for security checking and testing of aircraft to prevent any act of unlawful interference that can jeopardize the aircraft/passengers, both stationary and in flight.

Aerial operation area security and protection – will be done with agents who can execute surveillance and patrol missions (anti-sabotage).

Airport security Dispatchers – Implementing security dispatchers at airport level with every technical and human resources for the coordination of airport security. Ensuring the coordination between the operational activities and the security ones by the airport security agent through permanent conexion with the control tower and operational dispatch. 

Designing, installing and maintenance of security systems – as a result of security counceling provided by SION Security are proposed for implementation at the airport level, with respect for European Commitee standards and recommendations in terms of technical airport security systems.