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Specialized Guard Services

For each objective, Sion Solution, through its engineers, design integrated security systems based on security needs and customer requirements, adequatelly scaling   human factor involved, all in order to reduce costs and ensure effective protection.

Sion Solution has the ability to ensure speciallised security for each of the following: 
1. Guard commercial premises; 
2. Guard office buildings; 
3. Guard logistics parks and industrial objectives.
4. Canine security and protection; 
5. V.I.P. Protection

If the case, SION Solution can provide armed security for special status objectives. 

For maximum effectiveness and safety,you can choose alongside the manned guarding  an  integrated security system involving the installation of last generation Burglary alarm system, designing and installing it being the duty of engineers from the technical department. 

Efficiency of security systems installed by SION Solution is emphasized by continuous monitoring of dispatches by a central dispatch. Design and implementation of systems are done so that any event is highlighted and archived.