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IGSU Fire Safety Authorization – Useful Information

For buildings or specially designed spaces for commercial or service purposes, any developer must consider prior information about their obligations regarding the fire safety clearance for the location in question.

Requests for issuing fire safety or civil protection notices / authorizations are submitted to the County Inspectorates for Eemergency Situations or to the Inspectorate for Emergency Situations Bucharest – Ilfov, institutions whose competence is the solution of these acts.

… without IGSU’s approval and authorization …

The commissioning without obtaining the approval of the fire safety authorization, of the new or existing constructions and facilities where it has been made modification or change of destination have, entails, according to the legal provisions, the application of sanctions as follows:

According to Art. 44, point 4, lit. from Law 307/2006 – non-solicitation and non-obtaining by the individual or legal persons who finance and realize new investments or interventions to the existing constructions or, as the case may be, by the investment beneficiary of the notices and / or authorizations provided by the present law; with a fine of 5,001-10,000 lei

According to Art. 44, point 5, lit. a of Law 307/2006 – the beginning of the work execution on new constructions and arrangements, of modifying the existing ones and / or changing their destination, without obtaining the fire safety approval; with fine 20,000-50,000 lei

According to Art. 44, point 5, lit. c of Law 307/2006 – failure to comply with the requirements that were the basis for issuing the fire safety permit or authorization, which impose the loss of their validity; with fine 20,000-50,000 lei

According to Art. 44, point 6 of Law 307/2006 – with a fine from 30,000 lei to 100,000 lei and stopping the operation or use of constructions or arrangements, as a complementary contraventional sanction, for the serious breach of the fire and safety requirement regarding endangering the lives of the occupants and the intervention forces, not ensuring the stability of the load elements, respectively limiting the spread of fire and smoke inside the building and in the vicinity, according to the criteria established by Government decision.

Besides the obligation to apply the law, which involves the contraventional sanctions presented previously, it is necessary:

  • Solving the situations of constructions or arrangements that work without fire safety authorization,
  • entry into legality of all constructions, by certifying the fulfillment of the fire safety measures
  • issuing an administrative act in accordance with legal requirements and regulations.
  • See here the documents required for issuing fire safety permits and authorizations.

Definition for IGSU fire safety clearance:

IGSU Authorization – The fire safety authorization is an administrative act, issued by the General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations, based on the law, which certifies, following the verification of the documents regarding the accomplishment of the measures of defense against fires, the fulfillment of the essential requirement of fire safety. for construction, technological installations and other arrangements.

Obtaining the IGSU authorization and the obligation to request it, according to the law, lies with the beneficiaries and of course the investors of the constructions or arrangements that are to be used in different fields of activity. The authorization can be issued within a maximum of 30 days.

Definition for IGSU Fire Safety Notice:

IGSU Notice – The Fire Safety Notice represents an document issued as a result of the verifications according to the provisions of the technical regulations in force of the fire protection measures, by the General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations, adopted according to the law. In the technical design documentation, for the fulfillment of the essential requirement of fire safety of the constructions, installations and other arrangements. The noticecan be obtained within a maximum of 15 days.

IGSU Fire Safety Authorization - Useful Information

Fire safety permits and authorizations lose their validity if the inspecting agents confirm the failure to comply to the conditions that were the basis for their issuance.

The technical documentation, drawn up as the basis for issuing the fire safety authorization, must be made, according to the legal provisions, by designers and is certified by project verifiers, specialized and certified in this field.

To know the categories of constructions and arrangements that are subject to fire safety approvals and authorizations, you can consult HG 571/2016.

In support of the beneficiaries, IGSU has developed an online GUIDE on fire safety approval / authorization.

The guide on authorization and approval of fire safety and civil protection contains all the necessary details.

IGSU Authorization – Obtaining stages:

  • Analysis of existing documentation and its correlation with the situation on the ground
  • Preparation of documents
  • Relevance of construction / space and installations
  • Design of constructive measures
  • Design of fire safety systems;
  • Preparation of the whole file in duplicate;
  • Verification of documentation by a Cc-Ci expert and MPLPAT authorized;
  • Submitting the application for authorization;
  • Obtaining fire safety clearance.

In order to obtain the Fire Safety Notice it is necessary to:

  • Fire safety scenario – the document in which are stipulated and analyzed all the necessary technical measures regarding the fulfillment of the essential requirement for Fire Safety for constructions / installations, depending on the specific activity carried out, according to the nature of the risk.
  • Realization of the technical expertise port for fire safety
  • Realization of the project verifier report for the fire safety requirements for constructions and installations, during the technical project execution phases
  • Execution details, surveys, and as the case may be, for the drawn up project based on the expert report in which identification data and construction characteristics are recorded, together with the verifier’s findings and observations resulting from the control performed on the design documentation submitted by the investor.
  • Preparation of the complete file for fire safety in three copies
  • Submission of request for approval to IGSU
  • Specialized technical assistance for the moment of the site visit of the IGSU representatives
  • Obtaining fire safety notice.

See also: SYNTHESIS OF THE MAIN NON-CONFORMITIES – found on the rejected requests for issuing fire safety permits and authorizations

Legislative references:

To remember:

In the event of a fire, you will only be able to receive compensation from the insurance company if the fire safety rules are fully respected. Most insurance policies stipulate the obligation of the policy holder to comply with the legal provisions, and many of them even include detailed guarantees regarding compliance with these norms. In the event of a fire, the insurer may plead not to comply with the legal provisions to argue the refusal to compensate the insured. As a result, the mere existence of an insurance policy does not fully protect.

Sion Solution offers specialized services in the field of fire safety, providing all the necessary services for:

  • Integration of the technical and organizational measures planned and implemented according to the legislation in force;
  • Assuring, identifying, evaluating and combating fire risks;
  • Design and installation of fire detection systems
  • Design and installation of smoke systems
  • Training for the evacuation and rescue of the goods as well as the operative intervention to rescue the people in danger
  • Evacuation and rescue of goods as well as operative intervention to rescue the people in danger.
  • Extinguishing fires and limiting their effects.