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Tehnical Consulting Security Services

Implementation of optimal security can only be done  after the security audit. This requires a careful analysis of the elements and conditions that affect the security status of the objective, more precisely the analysis of security needs, vulnerabilities and risks. 

Technical consulting services offered by Sion Solution:
1. Organizing and managing security, security audit;
2. Physical security with speciallised personnel and/or technical systems;
3. Security personnel, approval procedures;
4. Commercial security in relation with partners, suppliers, customers;
5. Protection of documents;
6. Data security.

The main advantages of security consultancy are:

  • Integrated and unified concept of security;
  • Decision making in security -essential if the objectives are of large public industrial risk (eg refineries, factories);
  • Identify negative aspects that can affect the safety and objective’s real security needs;
  • Quantification of evaluation results;
  • Track the status of security through periodic reviews;
  • Achieving a high level of specialized expertise;
  • Strict implementation of the objective’s specific conditions and needs by the organization and design of the security system;
  • Relatively low cost and rapid cushioning;
  • Relatively fast procedure.