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Maintenance Contract for Fire Protection System

When we talk about maintenance services we must always take into account the veracity of the final contract after the installation of the fire system.

The correct functioning of a fire detection system (respectively firefighting) requires a periodic inspection.

The signing of a maintenance contract is not an option but an obligation according to the legislation in the field. According to the Norm P118 / 3 – 2015, immediately after receiving the installation of the system, even if the respective construction is used or not, a maintenance contract must be concluded.

This fire service maintenance contract is the legal basis for the certification of the services offered following the installation of the equipment with the user’s agreement.

Obligation of the maintenance contract of the fire detection system

A contract for maintenance of the fire system must contain the period during which a fire detection system (fire) must be put back into operation in the event of a malfunction, respectively mentions regarding the way to access the equipment.

Also, the control and signaling equipment must have displayed in a visible place the contact details of the company with which the maintenance contact of the fire detection (fire) system was concluded.

Our team takes every issue seriously and provides you with information on setting up fire systems and maintenance services. All you have to do is access our page, where you will find the correct answers to your questions.

Maintenance services must be of the highest quality and must be recorded in a maintenance works register. Thus the life of the equipment is extended, resulting in a cost optimization.


Maintenance contract fire protection system

Because we support the collaboration in fair and equitable conditions, the contracting of maintenance services for fire detection systems is performed on the basis of a contract for maintenance services that includes:

  • Contracting parties – essential in drawing up a maintenance contract with the agreement of the parties;
  • The object of the contract – the concrete establishment of the services provided by the Sion Solution team and its acceptance by the beneficiary;
  • Duration of the contract – The term on which the requested services will be performed in the contract which can be automatically extended for successive periods, if any;
  • Price and payment methods – describes the value of the contract and the payment method according to the services requested by the beneficiary and accepted by our team, following the negotiation of the contract;
  • Provider / beneficiary obligations;
  • Force majeure cases: Definition of events that cannot be controlled and intervene in the development of the contract term and which can lead to the extension, according to the laws in force, of the contractual terms;
  • Confidentiality clauses – the obligation not to disclose to third parties the information transmitted by the provider to the beneficiary;
  • Litigation – finding deficiencies in the performance of the contract;
  • Final clauses – Agreement between the parties regarding its object.


Advantages of a fire service maintenance contract

  • Preventive maintenance – periodic checks of security systems;
  • Corrective maintenance – remediation of malfunctions of security systems;
  • Providing technical support through the telephone line;
  • Priority in solving the problems that have arisen;
  • Minimum response time;
  • Conducting regular visits to prevent the occurrence of technical problems;
  • Guaranteeing back-up equipment and securing spare parts.


We have the necessary answers for you and that is why we support future collaborations. We guarantee by seriousness and by respecting the terms decided in contracting fire detective maintenance services.