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Video Surveillance Systems

Sion Solution installs video surveillance systems which are ment to do a real-time monitoring of events and people and also the later visualisation through the storage of data for a certain amount of time. These systems are designed by our speciallists according to the necesities of the secured perimeter and the needs of our clients, all for having the best technical security soutions.

Camera de supraveghere video Sion Solution

Technical video surveillance solutions offered by Sion Solution :

  1.  Analog and IP
  2.  Videorecorders DVR/NVR (digital and over ethernet)
  3.  Image aquisiton boards, displays, multiplexers

Possible destinations:

  • Commercial areas
  • Cargo areas, production areas
  • Finance-banking institutions
  • Office spaces
  • Hotels, areas of public interest
  • Casino and other places for undergoing the gambling activities
  • Residential spaces

The photovoltaic parks from Obedeni, Bucsani, Arcani, Targu carbunesti, Simnic and Caracal are fitted with Solutions implemented by Sion Security.

Sion Security have installed and put into operation security systems over acces ways, buidings inside the parks and also over the photovolatic pannels with exterior resistant IP cammeras.

The modern solution implemented by Sion Security benefit from all the advantages of digital systems:

  • Simple commands to operate the systems
  • Grafic interface with arboreal structure
  • Possibility to configure the display method


  • Remote access over Internet and the grafic interface)
  • Acces to the recorded data
  • Schedule working mode

Configurator sisteme video

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Informatii client

The components of Video Surveillance System
  1. Storage unit;
  2.  Surveillance cameras;
  3.  Support bracket for cameras;
  4. Multiplexing and matrices;
  5. Video image transmission equipment structured cable and optic fiber;
  6. Information Conversion equipment;
  7. Monitoring equipment;
  8.  Soft.
Schema sistem supraveghere video IP Tehnical Specifications 1. Storage unit
  • Depending on the size of the system you can have: PC / laptop using aquisition boards, DVR (Digital Video Recorder), NVR (Network Video Recorder)
  • Number of channels: 1-64;
  • How the information is broadcasted - wired or wireless;
  • Video Compression: H264, MPEG4, etc.
  • Storage Units HDD (internal or external, IDE or SATA);
  • Storage capacity is given by the number of drives and their size and and also by image quality (detail, format, etc..) and recording mode (continuous or on event);
2. Video cameras
  • Color or black and white;
  • IP or analog;
  • For indoor or outdoor;
  • For day or night;
  • Wired or wireless;
  • Fixed or rotating (speed-dome);
  • Fixed or varifocal lens;
  • Powered from the power source or POE (Power over Ethernet)
  • Optical and digital zoom, automatic or manual;
  • With or without heat detection;
  • With or without IR (integrated or separate device);
  • With or without microphone;
  • False actual or hidden (eg, a motion detector);
  • Operating temperature is -20 to +50 degrees Celsius;
  • Special Environments: waterproof, vandal and fake;
  • Resolution on the number of lines (over 1024 lines = IP camera);
3. Mounting bracket
  • Size: 80-135 mm;
  • Supported Weight: 3-10 kg;
  • Type of mounting: wall and ceiling.
4. Multiplexing and matrices
  • Used in large systems up to 32 channels or more , especially in airport security dispatches of, large factories, military units, etc.
5. Video image transmission equipment by structured cable or fiber optic
  • Video standard transmitting environment is coax (antenna cable TV), but recently you can use twisted pair cable (UTP, FTP, SFT) or optical fiber. The transition from coaxial cable to twisted pair or optical fiber is made through certain equipment called interfaces. Coaxial cable can only allow the transmission of video images on short distances (100-300 meters depending on cable quality) twisted pair cable is used for medium distances (up to 2400 meters) and fiber optic for large distances (kilometers or tens of kilometers).
6. Information Conversion Equipment
  • The Video server is connected in series between the camera and the drive and switches the signal from analog to digital;
  • Hybrid DVRs that can be connected to analog equipment as well as digital.
7. Monitoring equipment
  • Local (directly connected to the drive such as PC / laptop or monitor) or online;
  • Mobile cameras control keyboards
  • Cable operation
8. Soft
  • Allows local or remote access;
  • Allows configuration in terms of users, access rights, technical characteristics (resolution, compression, video format, etc.);
  • Special functions – zoom, camera control (ie the speed-doms), search, recording mode, etc..
  Schema sistem supraveghere video IP  
The services offered for the video surveillance systems installed by Sion Security (maintenance, service, warranty, post warranty, consulting) or installed by other companies are :
  • Checking the functioning of the video cammeras according to the technical characteritics certified by the manufacturer
  • Checking the functioning of the DVR / NVR from a video recording quality point of view and live view local or over Internet
  • Checking the storage units and the storage times on the HDD and the size of the Data storage units
  • Checking the electtric power back-up units (UPS)
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