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When designing and executing interior electrical installations for normal lighting and sockets, the following aspects will be taken into account:

  • Lighting circuits will be separated from the sockets circuits;
  • Common centralized doses are allowed for lighting circuits, sockets, controls and signaling only if these circuits operate at the same voltage;
  • There are provided single-phase lighting circuits for a total installed power of maximum 3kW and three-phase circuits for a total installed power of maximum 8 kW;
  •  The total number of lighting fixtures per phase will not exceed 30;
  •  The connection devices used for the electrical circuits of the fluorescent lamps shall have a nominal current of at least 10 A.
  •  The power supplies will be fed between phase and zero; at the threaded part of the lamp socket the null pipe will be connected, and at the inner terminal of the lamp the pipe will be connected to the phase passed through the switch;
  •  Circuits for general purpose sockets will be loaded with maximum 15 single or double sockets;
  •  The switches, switches and buttons for lighting will only be connected on the pipelines; the mounting height will be 1.5 m from the level of the finished floor;
  • The sockets will be mounted at the following heights on the finished floor:

a) 1.2 m in rooms for bathrooms, toilets;
b) over 0.2 m in other rooms.

The switches, switches and sockets shall be mounted at least 0.8 m from the metal elements in connection with the ground.

Lighting fixtures of any type will only be supplied between phase and zero.

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