0735188899 office@sionsolution.ro

We are always there for our clients and we support them permanently!
You can beneficiate for technical support offered through four emergency call lines or by email, at office@sionsolution.ro, from our specialists that are at your disposal.

The four emergency call lines through we are at your disposal are:
EMERGENCY 1 – 0372 753 343
EMERGENCY 2 – 0735 188 920 – Radu Ciobanu
EMERGENCY 3 – 0735 188 889 – Gabriel Serban
EMERGENCY 4 – 0735 188 891 – Robert Niculescu

If the functioning problems can’t be solved on the phone or through email, our specialists will send an operational team to the spot, for a rapid resolution.

If you’re wondering how we’re solving all the problems, we have several options, depending on each case individually.

Mostly, the problem is minor and it’s no need to change some parts or to replace the equipment.

But, if it’s neccessary, SION Security can provide the spare parts or back-up equipments, for a fee (only when the guarantee doesn’t cover it). Repairing time is considerably reduce due to a sufficient stock of spare parts. If the required parts aren’t available, these are ordered and delivered immediately because SION Solution colaborates only with the top distributors.